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Idaho Catholic Schools

Thirteen grade schools One high school One incredible community


The Diocese of Boise has 13 Catholic Grade Schools and 1 Catholic High School.Our schools are dedicated to providing a Catholic environment for learning in which all children are challenged and supported to develop into the person God created them to be.

Idaho Catholic Schools


If you haven’t made the decision to send your children to one of Idaho’s Catholic schools, what is holding you back?  The distance?  The fact that your taxes already go towards public education?  All of those concerns are understandable.  Our question to you is, “What do you want for your children?”  Catholic schools produce students who are strongly dedicated to their faith, values, families, and communities.  While excelling at the traditional subjects of reading, writing, and math as evidenced by continued strong testing scores, Idaho’s Catholic Schools will provide your child something that is uniquely different from what you will find elsewhere in the state:  a spiritual, faith-based community.
Our commitment is to ensure that our students’ faith formation experience creates a sense of belonging, cohesiveness, and connection to a greater whole.  The security which comes from this sense of belonging is what sets the stage for our children’s academic success, personal and spiritual growth, and ability to realize their maximum potential throughout their lives. 
What do you receive as a return on the investment you will be making in the lives of your children?  Adults who attend Catholic schools are more likely to:
          • Be more tolerant of diverse views
          • Understand that stewardship is a way of life within their communities and in the Church
          • Attend college
          • Pursue advanced degrees
          • Enter religious life
          • Be civically engaged
          • Vote
          • Earn higher wages
We ask you to consider joining us in our diocesan schools in the joyful and faith-filled adventure of educating the next generation in authentic discipleship of Jesus Christ.  You may still be wondering if you can afford it, but can you afford not to?  While there may be alternatives to Catholic education in Idaho, there are no substitutes.  

Idaho Catholic Schools
Providing a K thru 12 Education in
Spirit     ~      Mind     ~      Body





















Holy Family Catholic School Pre-Kindergarteners wait patiently for their pet hermit crabs, named “Bob” and “Larry,” to emerge from their shells.  The students learned about hermit crabs and other sea creatures as part of a classroom unit on the ocean.



Holy Family Catholic School students took the shape of the American flag for a very special photo op during Catholic Schools Week. Copies of the picture and letters written by the students were mailed to soldiers (including HFCS alumni) currently serving in the Armed Forces. 





Holy Spirit Catholic School’s Student Council is shown sorting and counting items for a food drive collection. The nonperishable food items are sent to the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry in Pocatello.  The school has two food drives per year with the second food drive being held during Lent.  Student Council organizes, promotes, and handles this as part of their leadership and stewardship mission.




Sister Michaela Serpa, who was born and raised in Pocatello, is shown visiting Holy Spirit Catholic School.  Sister Michaela was visiting her very musically gifted family in Pocatello and toured many classrooms at Holy Spirit to discuss her vocational call and personal journey into religious life.  She was joined by her sister Mindizje Serpa and Sister Collette, FSE (not pictured) singing praises to the Lord with the children and thoroughly engaging everyone. 




Catholic Schools Directory 2013-2014 


Catholic Schools Directory


Each year the Catholic Schools Department gathers information from each of the Catholic schools in the diocese and generates the Catholic Schools Directory.


Inside the directory, you will find names addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses so if you are interested you can contact the schools and schools can readily communicate with each other.


If you would like a copy of this year’s directory please email us or you can download it by clicking on the cover to the left.



National Catholic Education Association Databank


The National Catholic Education Association gathers information from all the diocese across the country about Catholic schools, their enrollment and staffing patterns and other pertinent demographic information. A summary is available in an annual publication that is released each year by NCEA. This and other information can be found on their website.





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Catholic School Teacher

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Please fill out the form, print and mail to the address below or fax to (208) 342-0224



Application for job openings


Please send completed applications to:


   Bob Sobotta

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Bob Sobotta

Superintendent of Schools

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