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To report a concern please contact Bob Fontaine at or (208) 350-7555.


“Sexual Misconduct Policies” were promulgated on August 26, 2003, and then revised on March 26, 2007.  At this writing, the 2007 revised policies are only in English as the Spanish revision will be available at a later date.


As noted in Bishop Michael Driscoll’s opening statement in the policies, they reflect an “unwavering commitment” to prevent sexual abuse and deter sexual misconduct.  The policies provide an outline of a commitment to protect our youth through the establishment of effective safe environment programs and background checking procedures for all employees and for volunteers who work with youth.


The “Guidelines for the Supervision of Minors (revised February 5, 2009)” are a result of a need for more procedural specifics in activities involving minors during offsite and overnight parish, school and/or other diocesan sponsored endeavors.  The guidelines are intended to complement the revised “Sexual Misconduct Policies” along with the “Catholic Mutual Parish/School Risk Management Manual” and the “Parish and School Safe Environment Program Manual (September, 2004).”


It is hoped that these policies and guidelines will enable those who work with our youth to have a clearer understanding of appropriate procedures and expectations.

Sexual Misconduct Policies English  / Spanish

 Guidelines for the Supervision of Minors

 Protocol for Criminal Background Checks


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NEW-Criminal Background Check Authorization Form for all:



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NEW-Registered Sex Offender Transition for Mass Attendance

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Sex Offender Supervision Guardian Agreement Form



Dr. Bob Fontaine



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(208) 489-7475 fax


Veronica Childers

CYAP Coordinator/HR Assistant


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(208) 489-7475 fax




Veronica Childers

Victim's Assistance Coordinator


(208) 350-7556 phone

(208) 489-7475 fax



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