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Deacon and Lay Minister Application Process

Servant School


Process and Documentation

1. These documents are submitted with the application


A letter of recommendation from the Pastor or the Parish Life Director including the intention to support the applicant with tutoring and finances.


A completed application form includes questions regarding safe environment training and canonical impediments


An official church certificate of Baptism with notations on the back concerning reception of Eucharist, Confirmation and Marriage (if applicable), issued within the past six months.


If this is not your 1st marriage,  need proof of annulment or copy of death certificate


Any official document, demonstrating proof of age of diaconal applicants (birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.)


A recent photograph (and if married of the spouse of diaconal applicants) for administrative and faculty identification.


A recent letter from a physician stating the applicant’s general health.


An official transcript of past or present academic studies.


Proof of legal residency in the diocese. (see proof of age document above) If born outside the United States, proof of legal residency and/or immigration status.


A personal handwritten statement from the spouse (if married) indicating their initial consent for submission of the application and entrance into formation.

2. After the application and initial documents are submitted, you will be contacted to arrange interviews.


Two interviews (one with the Director or member of the Diocesan Pastoral Staff)

3. The following documents will be requested after the second interview


Recommendation letters from


Parish staff member other than the pastor




Employer or co-worker


Spiritual Autobiography (3 pages 12 point font double spaced)



4. Your documents and interview results will be submitted for a decision


Admissions and Scrutinies Board reviews all documentation including interviewers’ evaluations and makes recommendations to the Bishop regarding admissions:

Accept without reservations

Accept with reservations or conditions

Not accepted

5.   During Discovery / Aspirancy Year


Marriage Inventory administered to married participants


Psychological screening administered to aspirants to the diaconate





For more information contact:
 Deacon Richard Kulleck
 Director of Deacon and Lay Ministries Formation

 Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise
 1501 S. Federal Way
 Boise, Idaho  83705

 (208) 350-7558



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