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Past issues of the Stewardship News & Notes newsletter as well as

helpful links and resources are available below.








For Email Marketing you can trust

 The Development Office purchases

 a diocesan-wide registration each month that allows any parish staff or volunteers to attend webinars offered by Our Sunday Visitor at no cost.  There is no limit on the number of attendees from our diocese or your parish. 

The one-hour sessions are offered at two times on the

second Tuesday of each month, except during the summer months of June, July, and August when they are

only offered at one time. 



The Development Office of the Diocese of Boise has purchased these webinars and receives a recording afterwards to make available to its schools and parishes for individuals and groups to download and view.  The links are active for one year.  Each one is approximately 60-minutes.  Please contact Margaret at for the password to access these recordings.


Previous webinar links







May/June 2014

May/June 2014 Stewardship News & Notes


Stewardship & Being on Fire to Know Jesus
For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Stewardship Webinars
Why Do You Give?
Seminarian Endowment Challenge
Starting or Planning Your Annual Stewardship Efforts? 







March/April 2014 Stewardship News & Notes


30 Ways to Exercise Good Stewardship of Lent & Easter
Four Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Stewardship Webinars
Our Work is Loving the World:  A Lenten Stewardship Reflection
Anything to Declare?
FREE Estate Planning Seminars






January/February 2014

January/February 2014 Stewardship News & Notes


Epiphany:  To Find Our Meaning in Christ
For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Stewardship Webinars
Service with a Smile
8 Signs of a Stewardship Parish
Embracing a Steward’s Mindset for the Coming Year
Free Estate Planning Seminars 





November/December 2013

November/December 2013 Stewardship News & Notes


7 Ways to Keep God in Thanksgiving
For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Stewardship & Christmas
10 Things You Can Do for the Poor at Christmas






September/October 2013

September/October 2013 Stewardship News & Notes


September:  A Recommitment to Stewardship
For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Pope Francis Calls Catholics to be a “Little Poorer”
6 Stewardship Lessons





July/August 2013

July/August 2013 Stewardship News & Notes


Making Giving Part of Your Summer Plan
For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Stewardship Webinars
Planning a Stewardship Renewal?




May/June 2013

May/June 2013 Stewardship News & Notes


For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Stewardship – Some “Get It,” Some Don’t
Stewardship Webinars
Update on Region XII Stewardship Conference
Stewardship and Family





March/April 2013

March/April 2013 Stewardship News & Notes


Make Your Lent More Meaningful
For Your Bulletin:  Stewardship Thoughts
Don’t Become an Empty-Handed Stewards
Stewardship Training Webinars
What is your definition of success?
4 Pillars of Stewardship





January/February 2013

January/February 2013 Stewardship News & Notes


A Stewardship Resolution for the New Year
Hospitality – One of the Hallmarks of Stewardship
A Lesson in Geography and Stewardship
FREE Stewardship Webinars





November/December 2012


November/December 2012 Stewardship News & Notes


Be a Good Steward of Thanksgiving Day
Stewardship Renewal Testimony
Stewardship Prayer
The Season of Advent:  A Fruitful Time for the Christian Steward
When the Right Circumstances Come Along





September/October 2012


September/October 2012 Stewardship News & Notes


Why We Need to Give
Stewardship vs. Screwtape:  A Halloween Reflection
Why Stewardship Sunday Every Year?






July/August 2012


July/August 2012 Stewardship News & Notes


Christian Stewardship and the Need for Recreation
A Guide for the Stewardship Lay Witness
Welcoming Strangers
For Your Parish Bulletin:  20 Stewardship Ideas for the Summer





May/June 2012


May/June 2012 Stewardship News & Notes


Hospitality at Mass:  A Key to Good Stewardship
Do You Welcome visitors to Your Parish?
Volunteer Appreciation
Stewardship Prayer
Bulletin Bits
Prayers of the Faithful
FREE Stewardship Webinars






March/April 2012


March/April 2012 Stewardship News & Notes


Bulletin Bits
Prayers of the Faithful
Do You Have a Stewardship Plan?
Almsgiving:  An Expression of Gratitude
Stewardship and the Cross
FREE Stewardship Webinars
For Your Bulletin:  What Is Stewardship? (Part 5 of 5)





January/February 2012


January/February 2012 Stewardship News & Notes


Stewardship Webinars
Prayers of the Faithful
Bulletin Bits Based on Sunday Readings
For Your Bulletin:  What Is Stewardship? (part 4 of 5)
Return Our Gifts to the Lord
A New Year, New Beginnings for the Christian Steward
Stewardship Resolutions



November/December 2011


November/December 2011 Stewardship News & Notes


Stewardship for Dummies
Celebrating Stewardship Awareness Sunday
Stewardship Prayer
Bulletin Bits
Prayers of the Faithful
What’s on Your Website?
FREE Stewardship Webinars
What Is Stewardship? (Part 3 of 5)




September/October 2011


September/October 2011 Stewardship News & Notes


Bulletin Bits
Prayers of Faithful
Stewardship 101:  Class is Still in Session!
Catholic Brats
FREE Stewardship Webinars
For Your Bulletin:  What Is Stewardship? (Part 2 of 5)
Receiving, Cultivating and Sharing Your Gifts
Conference YouTube Videos




July/August 2011


July/August 2011 Stewardship News & Notes


Bulletin Bits
What Will God Ask Us?
Stewardship Conference
FREE Stewardship Webinars
For Your Bulletin:  What Is Stewardship? (Part 1 of 5)
Communication and Mutual Sacrifice:  Keys to a Healthy Marriage and Good Stewardship
Prayers of the Faithful
Stewardship Prayer 




May/June 2011


May/June 2011 Stewardship News & Notes


I know your “buts” . . .
Bulletin Bits
Prayers of the Faithful
Stewardship Prayer
Annual Stewardship Reports
Answering God’s Call . . .
FREE Stewardship Webinars
For Your Bulletin:  Do Your Children See You Give?
St. Mark’s Stewardship 10 Best Practices



March/April 2011


March/April 2011 Stewardship News & Notes


Stewardship Prayer
Stewardship 10 Best Practices
Is Your Parish a Family or a Gas Station?
Giving Gifts During Lent
Stewardship and Confirmation
FREE Stewardship Webinars
Q & A:  With our current financial obligations, I don’t know how it would be

     possible for us to convert to giving away a full tithe of 10%.  Are there

     any other options?
For Your Bulletin:  Giving First Fruits
We Just Need a Bump
Find It on Our Web 




January/February 2011


January/February 2011 Stewardship News & Notes


Save the Date!  Region XII Stewardship Conference
Stewardship and Development in Tough Economic Times
Stewardship Prayer of St. Ignatius Loyola
For Your Bulletin

Are You Registered?
Winter Weather Woes 




Encouraging Mass Attendance:  A First Step to Greater Stewardship
True Stewardship is a Long-Term Investment






November/December 2010


November/December 2010 Stewardship News & Notes


Should Thanksgiving be Cancelled?

A Thanksgiving Blessing

For Your Bulletin – How Much Time Do you Spend with God?

Now Is the Time to Say Thank-You

Promoting End of the Year Giving at Your Parish, School or Agency
For Your Bulletin – Giving Thanks
Stewardship in Action:

Start Thinking About Participation
What Do You Give Your “Christmas” Catholics?









September/October 2010


September/October 2010 Stewardship News & Notes


Choosing the I AM over iThings
A Stewardship Prayer for Hard Times
Q&A:  No Need to Pledge?
A Message for All Ages 




July/August 2010


July/August 2010 Stewardship News & Notes


Stewardship in Action:  Holy Spirit in Pocatello
A Stewardship Prayer
Stewardship in the Bulletin
ABCs of Giving
Q&A:  Did you remember your gift?





May/June 2010


May/Jume 2010 Stewardship News & Notes


18-Steps to Establish Parish Stewardship
A Stewardship Prayer
Educating Families About the Importance of Giving
Q&A:  Is it a good idea to talk about stewardship in tough economic times?






For more information please contact


 Adrienne Smith


Director, Office of Development

(208) 350-7552

Margaret Hampton


Coordinator, Office of Development

(208) 350-7539








The Diocese of Boise is pleased to offer the next Our Sunday Visitor Loaves+Fishes webinars FREE to our parishes.

Below is information on the upcoming webinars:


Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day 


One of the common complaints we hear from church staff about social media is “I don’t have enough time!” This presentation will give attendees several ideas as well as practical tips and shortcuts that anyone can use in order to fit social media into their busy schedules.


Date:  December 9, 2014



   noon-1 pm (Mtn time)

   11 am-noon (Pacific time)

To register click here.

Discount Code: Parishes should enter the word December in the Discount Code tab on the payment page to avoid being charged.

Once parishes register on one of the links above, Our Sunday Visitor will send them the "Join" link for them to join the webinar. The registration deadline is the day before the scheduled webinar.



Presenter:  Cathy Dee



   Cathy Dee began her career at Our Sunday Visitor as a book editor, but was called upon to help launch the web site and help it grow from a dozen pages in the late ‘90s to the complex publishing and ecommerce site it is today. Now working as Social Media Editor for the publishing division, she’s managing the 20,000+ follower Twitter account, a dozen Facebook pages, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and more, reaching thousands of Catholics every day. Cathy serves as chair of the Catholic Press Association’s Social Media Committee.

 Gather your entire committee or staff around one computer or project the webinar onto a screen for easier viewing by all attendees. 


*** For additional information, please contact Margaret Hampton at or call (208) 350-7539.




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