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Cash Operations

As manager of cash operations for both the Diocesan Cash Management Checking Account System,

and the Diocesan Savings and Loan Program, Marlys Roseberry performs new account

set up, daily account management, including deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, reconciles

accounts at month end, and creates reports to the parishes for their checking and savings activity

as well as handles credit card transactions for parishes, schools and the diocese.


For more information please contact

Marlys Roseberry


(208) 350-7514 phone     (208) 342-1571 fax



Cash Management Forms

Bank Transfer Form


General Cash Management Information


Diocesan Invoice Payment Transfer Form


Signature Card


Diocesan Checking Savings Transfer Form

Marlys Roseberry

Marlys Roseberry


(208) 350-7514



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