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Insurance and Lay Pension

As Insurance Coordinator, Cari Magette is responsible for overseeing the various insurances, health, ltd/life, workers’ compensation, property, liability and student accident insurance. 


She is also responsible for the accounting and reporting of the Idaho Catholic Appeal.


Cari also handles the Lay Pension Plan and coordinates benefits with the Pension Plan Administrator.


For more information please contact

Cari Magette


(208) 350-7511 phone     (208) 342-1571 fax



Insurance Forms


Health Insurance Forms


Regence Blue Shield Benefits Summary

     English     Spanish


Regence Blue Shield Enrollment Form


Diocese Member Reference Guide


Student Accident Insurance Claim Form

Student Accident Insurance Form


Life Insurance/Long-Term Disability Forms

Lincoln Enrollment Form


Lincoln Long Term Disability Benefits

   English    Spanish


Lincoln Beneficiary Form

   English    Spanish

Lincoln Insurance Benefits

   English    Spanish 


Worker's Comp Form

Worker's Comp Initial Report


Special Events Insurance Form

Special Events Insurance Application

Liquor Liability Insurance Form

Property/Liability Insurance Forms

11-15 Passenger Van Policy


Automobile Loss Notice


General Liability Incident Report




Report of Property Damage Form



Lay Pension Forms


Lay Pension Plan Description


Lay Pension Distribution Request Form


Lay Pension Beneficiary Form





Cari Magette

Cari Magette


(208) 350-7511



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