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Frequently Asked Human Resources Questions

It is the intent of this site to address questions which arise

at our Diocesan parishes and schools which might have a broad based concern.


1) We continue to receive solicitations informing us that we had better purchase the most recent equal opportunity employment posters or risk being fined.  The cost of these posters is significant.  Are these posters really necessary in the workplace?  Isn’t there a cheaper way to obtain them if, in fact, they are required?


Required postings and notices are addressed in your “Parish/School Human Resources Manual (Revised September 2009).”The most recent posters can be obtained for free by logging on to and then clicking “labor posters for businesses” which will bring up all of the posters necessary to post at your parish or school.


Posters need to be readily visible for staff.  Unemployment insurance posters are not required to post in our Diocese as we are exempt from this requirement.



If you have other questions please contact Bob Fontaine at or


(208) 350-7555.



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