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Liturgy and Worship


The Diocese of Boise Liturgical Commission advises and assists the diocesan bishop, other diocesan offices, and all parishes in the diocese in implementing

universal and particular norms of the Roman Rite. The Commission offers

consultation regarding liturgical questions and issues.  



 Prayer for the Year of Faith:


O God, as you sent your Holy Spirit
upon the early Church
in the fiery tongues and the
mighty wind of Pentecost,
so now, we ask you to send that
same Spirit upon us
that we may go forth to proclaim
the Gospel of Christ to every creature.
We humbly pray that you deepen
your Trinitarian life within us;
make us effective and holy witnesses
of Jesus’ death and Resurrection;
help us to live our Catholic faith
with such joy, conviction and love
that others will be drawn to the
sacred mystery of your Church
and the powerful grace of the sacraments.
We implore you to make us
ministers of your Word,
in speech and action, in truth and charity,
in the mystery of Jesus’ cross
and the light of his resurrected glory.

(Written by Auxiliary Bishop Donald J. Hying) 

Guidelines and Information

(If you would like these files in a Word format please contact Tish Thornton



Confirmation Guidelines



Diocesan Guidelines for Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest



Holy Days 2014-2015

English     Español



Liturgical Guidelines for Lent and Easter



Liturgical Commission 




            Ms. Letitia M. Thornton



     Committee members


            Mr. Larry Harrison

            Mr. Elwood Kleaver

            Deacon Richard Kulleck

            Deacon John McKinley

            Deacon Gerald D. Pera

            Ms. Kathy Sells

            Ms. Marcie Wilske


     Priest Moderator


           Msgr. Dennis J. Wassmuth



 For more information or if you have any questions regarding liturgy

please contact us at






US Conference of Catholic Bishops


Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions


The Georgetown Center for Liturgy