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 All canonical inquiries should be addressed to the Director of the Office of Canonical Affairs,

Mr. Mark Raper, JCL, MCL, at 208-344-1344. 


The Office of Canonical Affairs cannot receive e-mail regarding

canonical matters due to issues of confidentiality.


Fees are an issue no one likes to address.  However, it should be noted that the process to investigate a petition for nullity does cost money and in justice, the people providing the service should be paid for the services rendered.  In the Diocese of Boise, the work of the Tribunal is heavily subsidized by the Diocese through its annual appeal receipts.  The fees we ask of the Petitioner run less than one third the true expenses. 


It has always been the policy of the Tribunal to waive the case fees for anyone who cannot afford them.  The Tribunal should be notified of these circumstances by the party advocate when the petition is submitted.


The Tribunal asks that a $25.00 initial processing fee be included with any new case submitted to the Tribunal.  This $25.00 is included in the individual fees listed below.

Formal Cases: 




Lack of Form: 


$ 35


Defect of Form:


$ 35




$ 70


Pauline Privilege:


$ 70


Petrine Privilege:



(All monies collected for a Petrine case – also known as a Favor of the Faith case, are forwarded to the Holy See in Rome.  The Holy Father makes the decision regarding the merits of the case and ultimately whether the dissolution is granted.  The Diocese of Boise simply gathers the materials needed for the case and forwards them to Rome.  The final decision.


Other fees:  Other fees may be charged, such as document fees from governmental agencies or for counseling reports.  The Petitioner will be responsible for these fees as well.


Cases sent on to an appeal court also have an additional fee charged to the Diocese of Boise for the costs incurred.  For appeals to the Court of 2nd Instance in the Archdiocese of Portland, the fee is $100.  For appeals to the Roman Rota, the fee is $850.00, which must be included with the case when it is transmitted to Rome.  Normally, fees for appeals will be passed on to the appealing party.


No one will be denied their right of appeal because of a lack of an ability to pay the fees.



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Judicial Vicar

V. Rev. Henry Carmona, JV, JCL



Mr. Mark L. Raper, JCL, MCL

Case Manager

Ms. Colleen Cunningham

Case Manager

Marisela Baca




Phone:   (208) 344-1344     Fax:  (208) 344-1772 



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