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Office of Canonical Affairs

Marriage Tribunal


 All canonical inquiries should be addressed to the Director of the Office of Canonical Affairs,

Mr. Mark Raper, JCL, MCL, at 208-344-1344. 


The Office of Canonical Affairs cannot receive e-mail regarding

canonical matters due to issues of confidentiality.



     The Office of Canonical Affairs acts on behalf of the Diocesan Bishop, the Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, in all Church Law (Canon Law) related matters for the diocese and its various offices.  Canon Law touches all aspects of the Church’s life—how the sacraments are to be validly administered; liturgical law; temporal goods; rights of the Christian faithful; schools and universities, catechetics; parishes; the offices of bishop and pastor; religious life and penal matters, just to name a few.  The canonists working for the Office of Canonical Affairs act as advisors to the Bishop in matters relating to Canon Law.  They also provide assistance and general information to the clergy of the diocese as well as to the lay Christian faithful.


What does "canon" mean?

     The word ”canon” is rooted in the Greek word kanon, referring to a rule of measure. Canon Law is very much rooted in the theology and history of the Church. It became apparent even in the earliest days of the Church, after the Resurrection and ascension of our Lord, that rules or norms would be needed to provide some sort of consistency from Church community to the next. The first ―rule making‖ session in the Church can be seen in Acts 15 as the leaders of the Church mulled over the question of how to assimilate the Gentiles into the community of believers. Another famous document from the history of the Church containing law is the Didache from around the year 100. It primarily deals with issues of baptism, the celebration of the Eucharist, as well as issues of morality. The law of the Church has continued to develop to this day resulting in the 1983 Code of Canon Law for members of the Latin rite Catholic Church and the 1990 Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches for those Eastern rite Catholic Churches in union with Rome.


What is the Tribunal?  

     The Diocesan Tribunal within the Office of Canonical Affairs is the court for any legal matters requiring a formal trial—such as penal trials for violations of Church laws which carry with them particular penalties.


Judicial Vicar

V. Rev. Henry Carmona, JV, JCL


Mr. Mark L. Raper, JCL, MCL


Case Manager

Ms. Colleen Cunningham


Case Manager

Ms. Marisela Baca



Phone:   (208) 344-1344     Fax:  (208) 344-1772 



For Your Marriage


     an initiative from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops




Mark Raper

The Tribunal Advocate

April 2011 Newsletter



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