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Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise




Bishop's 2014 Easter Message 



     The PBS series “American Masters” once profiled a true American master, Don Hewitt, the creator and executive producer of 60 MINUTES.  During the course of the interview, the reporter asked: “How has your show endured for over forty years as one of America’s top rated shows?” Don replied: “It comes down to four little words …Tell me a story.” During Holy Week we have been drawn into all the drama, intimacy, and betrayal of the greatest love story ever told. We have been drawn into the lives of Peter, Mary Magdalene, and all the disciples who fell in love with this man Jesus. As the misunderstanding of these early witnesses gradually gave way to understanding and then to faith, they could not help but share their love story. So they told others and the powerful message of Christ’s resurrection spread throughout the world. Today the story continues through those of us who have received the message and whose lives have been equally transformed by its power.




     Now, more than ever, the world is hungry to hear what we have to say. So let us tell our story. Pray it.  Sing it.  Live it. It is a love story … an adventure story … a story full of miracles and mystery and, best of all, hope. Tell the world: Jesus Christ has been raised and is truly alive in our midst. It really is the greatest story ever told!


Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and blessed Easter season!


Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, M.S.W., D.D.
Bishop of Idaho





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The Synod on the Family synopsis outlines some good insights on how the Church can better support families.  In this sense, it can serve as a working document for pastoral action.  However, it is important to note that the responses received are PERSONAL OPINIONS and often do not accurately reflect Church teaching on the issues addressed, nor do they represent the position/teaching of the Diocese of Boise. 


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