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Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise


Bishop's 2014 Lenten Message



On Ash Wednesday Catholics around the world begin the forty-day journey of Lent, a time of self-examination, conversion, and repentance which prepares us for the new life given to us at Easter. The Greek word for repentance is “metanoia” and it means to “think differently” or to make a 180 degree turn in our life.  Where is our life going? It seems to me as though we can only be going in one of two directions.  We can either be moving toward God or away from God. The Lenten season can be a powerful step in our spiritual growth – in our movement toward God. During these 40 days, we have the opportunity to move beyond the clutter, noise, and commotion that fills our lives and “return” to the God who loves us, who has committed himself to us, and who has given us a sign of that commitment – the cross.

May God bless us on our Lenten journey of self-examination, conversion, and repentance.  May our efforts bring us closer to God – the source and summit of our happiness.


Sincerely yours in Christ,




Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, M.S.W., D.D.
Bishop of Idaho



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Synod on the Family Synopsis



The Synod on the Family synopsis outlines some good insights on how the Church can better support families.  In this sense, it can serve as a working document for pastoral action.  However, it is important to note that the responses received are PERSONAL OPINIONS and often do not accurately reflect Church teaching on the issues addressed, nor do they represent the position/teaching of the Diocese of Boise. 


Available in Spanish upon request (208) 350-7535








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