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Building the Body of Christ in Idaho


Construir el Cuerpo de Cristo en Idaho



We believe / Creemos






Ministries Supported by the 2014

Idaho Catholic Appeal


Ministerios apoyados por la campaña

Diocesana del diezmo 2014




Care of our Priests

   Cuidado de nuestros sacerdotes




Idaho Clergy Special Needs

   Necesidades especiales del clero de Idaho

Idaho Priest Retirement

   Jubilación de Sacradotes de Idaho


Catholic Charities

   Caridades Católicas




Education and Formation

   Educación y formación




Catechesis Office

   Oficina de Catequesis

Catholic Schools Office

   Oficina de Escuelas Católicas

Campus Ministries (U of I, BSU, ISU)

   Ministerio Estudiantil del Colegio

Deacon & Lay Ministries

   Ministerios de Diáconos y Laicos

Semniarians & Vocations

   Seminaristas y Vocaciones

Vocations Ministry

   Vocaciones de Ministerios



   Esfuerzos de alcance




Cultural Ministries

   Ministerios Culturales

Nazareth Retreat Center

   Centro de Retiros Nazareth

Prison Ministries

   Ministerio de Prisión

Communications (website)

   Communicaciones (web)


Pastoral Services

   Servicios pastorales



Office of Canonical Affairs

   Oficina de Asuntos Canónicos



Finance Office

   Oficina de Finanzas

Human Resources

   Recursos Humanos


Universal Church

   Iglesia universal







A Prayer for the Idaho Catholic Appeal

Please join Bishop Michael Driscoll

in praying for the success of our Idaho Catholic Appeal



Lord God, source of everything we are and have,

We know that whatever you give us is to be shared

with others in our families, our parishes,

our communities and the world. 

Through the Idaho Catholic Appeal

your Church provides for us

a way to be good stewards of what

you have given to us. 

As we consider how much we should give,

help us to be generous and joyful,

and help our Diocese to use wisely

our offering so that the work of Redemption

of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ

can be accomplished in our parishes, our Diocese,

our nation and throughout the world.






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