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Si usted desea información en español sobre las preguntas frequentes de finanzas, por favor comuníquese con el departamento de finanzas al (208) 342-1311 o enviar un correo electónico a CMagette@RCDB.org



1) Are we Sales Tax exempt? 


The Roman Catholic Diocese is tax exempt for federal and state income taxes only. Generally schools are sales tax exempt and parishes are not exempt.  There are some exclusions that require schools to collect sales tax and parishes to not collect tax.  See more details under the Sales Tax section of the forms page



2) When is Special Events Insurance required?


Special Events insurance should be used when a parish or school is allowing an individual or organization to use its facilities for a non-parish   sponsored activity.


The Special Events Coverage designed for the Diocese of Boise can be extended to individuals and/or organizations (either profit or non-profit).  Many individuals need this coverage for events such as private wedding receptions or family reunions.  An organization may need the coverage for an employee Christmas party held on parish facilities.


The Special Events Coverage is needed for non-parish sponsored activities regardless if there is alcohol or not. 


3) How does the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) work?


The flexible spending account is a great way to pay for medical and daycare expenses pre-tax.  It works by you making an election during our annual Open Enrollment in November to have certain amount taken out of your paycheck January thru December.  The money is withheld and deposited into a fund that you may use for medical and daycare expenses.  The amount withdrawn each month does not have federal & state income taxes or Fica and Medicare taxes withheld on that portion.  Nor will the annual amount withheld be on your W-2 for the year.  See more details under the Flexible Spending Account section of the forms page


4) When and how often do I need new signature cards and how do I handle them?

New signature cards need to be signed whenever there is a change in authorized signers.  Contact Cash Management personnel to receive a new blank form.  All current signers must sign the new form. For all parishes the priest needs to be a signer and for schools both the priest and principal should be authorized to sign. The new form is returned to the Diocesan Cash Management personnel.  A copy is kept in the file and the original is mailed to our main bank representative that keeps all of our locations forms together. Do not return the new form to your local branch.


5) How do I reorder checks and deposit slips?



To reorder checks and deposit slips please contact Diocesan Cash Management personnel.  Please have available the next starting number for your check order.  Deposit slips come in quantities of 200 with duplicate copies.  If there are any changes that need to be made on the printed information please also make that known.  The Diocese pays for general checks and deposit slips-any additions or extra-ordinary requests are at the locations cost.




6) How and when should I place a stop payment on a check?


A stop payment is made by contacting the Diocesan Cash Management personnel.  At that time, bank records can be checked to see if the check has cleared since your last statement.  Please do not contact your local US Bank as due to our unique type of account the correct information is not recorded and they have to be redone.  Also, it is less expensive if done from the Diocesan office. Please use discretion when requesting a stop payment----how old is the check and the likelihood that it will be cashed,  if it would be cashed is it from a reliable source that you use regularly, that you would use a credit from in a reasonable amount of time, the amount of the check---due to the cost of the stop payment it has to be viable to pay for the stop payment.





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