Ministry Minutes Caring for Others

Caring for Others


CHARITY & OUTREACH - The Idaho Catholic Appeal helps us follow the teachings of Pope Francis to help, respect and serve the poor and those in need of Christ’s mercy.

“The world tells us to seek success, power and money; God tells us to seek humility, service and love.”
– Pope Francis@pontifex June 2, 2013

“If we wish to lead a dignified and fulfilling life,
we have to reach out to others and seek their good.”
– Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, no. 9

Quick facts …

  • 3,672 Individuals were welcomed at Nazareth Retreat Center
  • 440,000 Individuals assisted at 19 Special Centers for Social Services including parish food banks and Catholic Charities
  • 1,000+ Inmates attend Catholic services and programs


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