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Caring For Our Priests: Thank You For Your Service!


For anyone reading this, there’s a good chance you or someone you know either received communion from or were ministered to in some way by one of our 26 retired priests. Many of them still have their health and faculties. Some “retired” still live in various rectories or on their own serving the needs of the faithful in whatever ways they can. There comes a time, however, when ill or elderly, retired priests need assistance and care for special needs not covered by their retirement, social security and insurance benefits. As they were there for you and your loves ones, we ask you to please be there for them by giving to the Appeal.

You should know…

  • In 1964, we had 72 active priests and 5 sick, retired or absent serving 46,507 Catholics in Idaho.
  • Today, we have 41 active priests and 26 sick, retired or absent serving 179,791 Catholics in Idaho.


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