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PRIESTHOOD - Our diocese is blessed with devoted seminarians and priests called to serve. Your generosity ensures that they receive the very best formation and education to one day serve you and
your loved ones.

“I feel this call to ministry to serve the people of Boise and Idaho in any way I can.”
– Seminarian John Mosier, Theology II, Boise

“As I continue in my formation and studies for the
Priesthood, I am beginning to focus on the role for
the priest as a shepherd of the people of God…The
care of souls truly is the principal task of the priest.”
– Seminarian Joseph Lustig, Theology III, Cottonwood

You should know…

  • 12 men, all from Idaho, are in formation for priesthood.
  • It can take up to nine years to form a priest.
  • Average cost per year for a seminarian is $47,000.
  • 41 active diocesan priests, 26 retired, serve Idaho.


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