Office of Canonical Affairs (Tribunal)


Office of Canonical Affairs

and Marriage Tribunal


Judicial Vicar

Fr. Joseph F. McDonald, III, JCL


Mr. Mark L. Raper, JCL, MCL

Case Manager

Ms. Colleen Cunningham

Case Manager

Ms. Tracey Kowalewski
Phone:   (208) 344-1344        Fax:  (208) 344-1772

Annulment Forms

Marriage Dispensation and
Permission Forms

Marriage Tribunal

Common Annulment Questions

The Office of Canonical Affairs acts on behalf of the Diocesan Bishop, the Most Reverend Peter F. Christensen, in all Church Law (Canon Law) related matters for the diocese and its various offices. Canon Law touches all aspects of the Church’s life – how the sacraments are to be validly administered; liturgical law; temporal goods; rights of the Christian faithful; schools and universities, catechetics; parishes; the offices of bishop and pastor; religious life and penal matters, just to name a few.
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