Chancery Services


Chancery Services

Much of the work of the Chancery is in relationship with the Holy See, national Catholic organizations, local parishes, Catholic institutions and pastoral leadership.  In this respect, the office of the Chancery provides multiple services to the Diocese, parishes, communities and individuals.  
Listed below are some of the services provided. 

Archives: The purpose of our archives is to collect, preserve, and make available to research these historical records which document the presence and mission of the Catholic church in Idaho. The diocesan policy is to keep our records closed. We can do research on a time available basis upon request.

Good Standing Request: This Testimonial of Suitability for Priestly Ministry is required for priests/deacons visiting the Diocese of Boise: Please contact the Chancellor a minimum of four weeks before you will be in the Diocese. 

Papal Audience: Papal Audiences are only scheduled on Wednesdays. Tickets must be picked up in Rome. Please contact the Chancery to request tickets. The following information is required: 

  • Name, address and phone number of person requesting tickets 
  • Address in Rome (if possible) 
  • Wednesday date you will be in Rome
  • Number of Tickets requested with names all attending the audience (including children)
  • The name of your parish 
  • Special event, if applicable (wedding, anniversary, milestone, birthday, etc) 

Papal Blessings: Requests take approximately 6 – 12 weeks to process. Costs vary from $45 - $80. Blessings come unframed. Please contact the Chancery. 

Sacramental Records: Parishes have five types of Sacramental records: Baptismal, Marriage, Death, First Communion and Confirmation records. The information in the records can vary from parish to parish. According to the Code of Canon Law, pastors are required to maintain Sacramental records. The Code specifies what kind of information is to be reported in those records. In the Diocese of Boise, Sacramental records dating from approximately 1960 are kept at the parish of baptism. Older records are kept at the Chancery Office. It is Diocesan policy to keep our records closed. We can research information requests on a time available basis. 

Statistical Data: The Chancery is responsible for gathering and maintaining all statistical records for the Diocese. 

  • Official Catholic Directory (OCD) forms will be available electronically at a later date for:
    • Schools 
    • Parishes
    • Non-profits

Religious Immigration: The Diocese of Boise works directly with USCCB – Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) for all immigration issues concerning priests, seminarians and religious communities. 

Real Estate: The Chancery oversees all real estate and property issues for the Diocese. 

Collections: All diocesan collections are determined and approved by the Bishop on an annual basis. Any other collections must be authorized by the Bishop. 


Chancery Services

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