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A Note from the Bishop

“The Diocese of Boise is committed to the responsibility to care for the spiritual, moral and pastoral well-being of all God’s people. Pastoral ministry is the principal mission of the Church. It is built on a sacred trust that is shared by all the members of the Church. Whenever it is alleged or proven that this sacred trust has been broken or violated, those charged with the governance of the Church must respond in justice and with the mercy of God to protect and safeguard the rights of all. Sexual misconduct, including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, violation of sexual ethics, and sexual harassment, are serious breaches of this sacred trust and cannot be ignored without compromising the integrity of the church’s mission and causing grave damage to the whole Body of Christ. When any of these forms of sexual misconduct occur, the church must address the issue responsibly and promptly. 

By recognizing that all people are susceptible to such breaches of trust, we can act to prevent sexual misconduct by educating those who work for the church, instituting standards of behavior, and responding effectively to allegations of such misconduct in an atmosphere of listening, understanding, Christian love, mutual respect, and social justice. 

In particular, the Diocese of Boise is determined to provide a safe environment for the children and young people involved in its ministries, implementing policies and procedures to assist in preventing sexual abuse, and to assist Diocesan personnel in recognizing, reporting and attending to the needs of abused children and their families.”  – From the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise Sexual Misconduct Policies. 

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of sexual misconduct by a person (clergy or lay person) acting on behalf of the Church, you are invited to contact us.  My staff in the Office of Child, Youth and Adult Protection (CYAP) is here to assist you as you seek healing and wholeness.

Most Reverend Peter F. Christensen, DD
Bishop of Boise

Veronica Childers

Safe Environment & Victim Assistant Coordinator
(208) 350-7556 direct line
(208) 489-7475 fax

This office addresses the following:

A Note from Bishop Peter F. Christensen, DD, Bishop of Boise

Bishop Peter Christensen’s Decree of Promulgation (Spanish)

Safe Environment Training for Adults

Safe Environment Training for youth K-12

Background Check Screening

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diocesan Review Board

USCCB Promise To Protect Brochure

Diocesan Brochure- Are You A Victim? (Spanish)

USCCB "Promise to Protect"

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Circle of Grace

Veronica Childers
Safe Environment and Victim Assistance Coordinator
(208) 350-7556 phone
(208) 489-7475 fax
Mark Raper, JCL, MCL
(208) 350-7560 phone
(208) 489-7475 fax
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