Priests of the Diocese

Diocesan Priests

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Peter F. Christensen

May 25, 1985


Fr. Calvin L. Blankinship, Jr.
June 6, 1996

Fr. Justin Brady
June 9, 2005
OL Snows, Sun Valley; St. Charles, Hailey; Immaculate Conception, Fairfield; St. Peter, Shoshone: St. Elizabeth, Gooding: and St. Anthony, Wendell


Fr. José de Jesús Camacho
December 25, 1975
St. Mary's, Boise


Fr. Carlos Camargo
October 5, 2006

Fr. Henry Carmona
July 20, 1978
Holy Spirit, Pocatello; St. Anthony’s and St. Joseph’s, Pocatello; and St. Paul’s, Chubbuck

Fr. Sean Caulfield

Fr. Antony Chinnabathini
April 29, 1996
Sts. Peter and Paul, Grangeville

Fr. Sean Caulfield

Fr. Sean Caulfield
June 19, 1949

Fr. Robert P. Cook
June 5, 2003
Sacred Heart, Boise

Fr. Raul R. Covarrubias
June 2, 1983

Msgr. Joseph A. daSilva
June 27, 1972
Risen Christ and Diocesan Pastoral Center, Boise
Fr. Nathan Dail
June 8, 2018
All Saints, Lewsiton
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Fr. Dennis C. Day 
June 2, 1976
St. Joseph's, Sandpoint and Sacred Heart, Clark Fork
Fr. J. Patrick Dennis
              Dec. 27, 1978               Retired
Fr. Raymond J. Dolan
May 26, 1956
Fr. Hippolytus Ezenwa
July 22, 2000
St. John Paul II Parish (Idaho Falls)


Fr. Roger Fernando
Aug 18, 1975
St. John's Cathedral (Boise)


Fr. Marcellus Fernandez
Fr. Marcellus Fernandez
September 7, 1968
Fr. Peter Fernando
December 21, 1964
St. Catherine's, Priest River
Fr. Francisco Q. Flores
June 8, 2000
St. Pius X, Coeur d'Alene, Moderator at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish (Coeur d'Alene)
Fr. Donald D. Fraser
December 20, 1974
Fr. Gerald J. Funke
June 20, 1980
St. Agnes Parish (Weiser), Holy Rosary Station (Cambridge) and St. Jude's Station (Council)
Fr. Juan M. Garatea
Fr. Juan M. Garatea
June 28, 1959
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Fr. Camilo Garcia
June 5, 2008
Corpus Christi, Fruitland
Fr. Jorge E. Garcia
December 7, 1986
Immaculate Conception, Buhl; and St. Catherine's, Hagerman
Fr. John Gathungu
January 1, 1990
St. Charles Borromeo Parish (Salmon), St. Ann's Station (Arco), St. Louise Station (Challis), St. Barbara's Station (Mackay), St. Joseph's Chapel (Leadore)
Fr. Francisco Godinez
June 10, 2010
St. Nicholas, Rupert
Fr. Jose de Jesus Gonzalez
Fr. Jose de Jesus Gonzalez
June 5, 2008
St. Bernard's, Blackfoot; and Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Fort Hall 
Fr. Richard S. Haldane
June 4, 1992
Fr. Chase Hasenoehrl
June 10, 2010
St. Augustine’s, Moscow; and St. Mary’s, Potlatch
Fr. Robert C. Irwin
December 8, 1995
Fr. Oscar Jaramillo
June 8, 1990
Sacred Heart, Emmett and St. Jude's, Garden Valley
Fr. Thomas F. Keller
May 13, 1984
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Fr. Leslie P. Kish
Fr. Leslie P. Kish
June 5, 1997
Fr. John W. Koelsch
December 16, 1956
Fr. John Kucera
June 8, 2017
Mary Immaculate Parish (St. Anthony), Good Shepherd Station (Driggs), St. Patrick's Chapel (Rexburg) and Chapel of the Pines (Island Park)
Fr. Roger LaChance
May 27, 1967
Fr. John P. Legerski
May 6, 1981
Holy Apostles, Meridian
Fr. Thomas J. Loucks
June 14, 1977
Fr. Joseph Lustig
June 8,  2018
St. Edward's, Twin Falls

Fr. Leonard MacMillan
June 6, 1991
Holy Apostles, Meridian and Queen of Angels, Horseshoe Bend

Fr. Mariusz Majewski
June 5, 2008
Cathedral St. John the Evangelist (Boise)

Fr. Bruno Mbamobi
July 28, 2007
St. John's ISU (Pocatello)

Fr. Joseph F. McDonald III
June 26, 1987
St. Mary, Moscow, and St. Mary, Genesee
Fr. Mauricio Medina
Fr. Mauricio Medina
May 30, 1964
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Fr. Gabriel Morales
August 29, 2013
Presentation of the Lord Parish, St. Mary's (American Falls), Blessed Sacrament (Aberdeen) and St. John's (Pingree)
Fr. John Mosier
June 6, 2019
St. Thomas (Coeur d'Alene)
Msgr. John W. Morgan
May 25, 1958

Fr. Joseph A. Muha
May 21, 1960

Fr. Bradley D. Neely
June 5, 2003
All Saints, Lewiston; and Sacred Heart, Lapwai

Fr. Reginald U. Nwauzor
July 19, 1980
St. Catherine of Siena, Priest River and St. Blanche's Station Priest Lake

Fr. Otitodilichukwu Vitalis Onyeama
July 24,2010
St. Mark's Parish (Boise)

Fr. German Osorio
June 10, 2010
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Mountain Home
Fr. Carlos A. Perez
February 20, 1992
St. Ann's, Bonners Ferry
Fr. Madanu Sleeva Raju
March 10, 1995
Sts. Peter and Paul Parish (Grangeville), Holy Trinity Station (Nezperce), and Sacred Heart Chapel (Whitebird)
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Fr. Jose Ramirez
June 10, 2010
St. Peter’s, Shoshone; St. Elizabeth’s, Gooding; and St. Anthony’s, Wendell
Fr. Andrew Rapoport
May 26. 2018
St. Joan of Arc, Coeur d'Alene
Fr. Jairo Restrepo Fr. Jairo Restrepo
June 13, 1992 
Fr. David Riffle Fr. David Riffle
May 20, 1967
Fr. Timothy M. Ritchey
May 22, 1985
St. George's, Post Falls; St. Joseph's, Spirit Lake; and St. Stanislaus, Rathdrum
Fr. German Ruis Robello
June 9, 2011
St. John Paul II (Idaho Falls)
Fr. Carlos Rosero
January 24, 2009
St. Paul's Parish (Nampa), St. Joseph's (Melba), Our Lady Queen of Heaven (Oreana), Our Lady of Tears (Silver City)

Fr. Steven P. Rukavina
June 2, 1987

Fr. Marcos Sanchez

Fr. Marcos Sanchez
June 4, 2009
Good Shepherd, Soda Springs

Fr. Joseph F. Schmidt
May 15, 1966

Msgr. Andrew J. Schumacher
December 20, 1959

Fr. Bruno Segatta
                 May 13, 1974              Minister at Our Lady of the Lake Parish (McCall), St. Katharine Drexel Station (Cascade) and St. Jerome's Chapel (Riggins) 

Fr. Michael A. St. Marie
June 9, 1993
Our Lady of the Valley, Caldwell

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Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
May 27, 1977

Fr. R. William Taylor

Fr. R. William Taylor
May 23, 1964

Fr. Enrique Terriquez
August 4, 1963

Fr. Benjamin R. Uhlenkott

Fr. Benjamin R. Uhlenkott
June 8, 2006
St. Mark's, Boise

Fr. Mark Uhlenkott
June 9, 2016
St. Therese Little Flower, Burley
Fr. Adrian Vazquez
June 5, 2008
St. Jerome's, Jerome
Fr. Julio Vicente
June 5, 2008 
St. Edward's, Twin Falls
Fr. Eladio Vieyra
December 17, 2008
On Sabbatical
Fr. Caleb Vogel
June 10, 2004
St. Paul’s, Nampa; St. Joseph’s, Melba; Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Oreana; Our Lady of Tears, Silver City; and Vocations Director for Recruitment
Fr. Dat T. Vu
June 10, 2004
Our Lady of the Rosary Parish (Boise), St. Joseph's Chapel (Idaho City) and Chaplain to the Diocesan Vietnamese Community
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Fr. Paul H. Wander
June 8, 1990
St. Mary, Cottonwood; Assumption, Ferdinand; St. Anthony, Greencreek; and Holy Cross, Keuterville
Msgr. Dennis J. Wassmuth
May 30, 1973
Fr. Ronald Wekerle
Fr. Ronald Wekerle
June 8, 1990
St. John Paul II Parish (Idaho Falls), St. Ann Station (Mud Lake), St. Anthony's Station (Roberts) and Moderator for Mary Immaculate Parish (St. Anthony), Good Shepherd Station (Driggs), St. Patrick's Chapel (Rexburg) and Chapel of the Pines (Island Park)
Fr. John R. Worster
Fr. John R. Worster
June 26, 1987
St. Mary's Boise


Religious Priests



Fr. Andrew Baumgartner, OSB
May 26, 1960
Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome

Fr. Peter Byrne, SJ
June 14, 1975
Sacred Heart Parish, Desmet; Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Plummer; and St. Michael’s, Worley
Fr. Juan Elias, Verbum Spei
July 10, 2018
Sacramental Minister, St.John's (Boise)



Fr. Dominic Faure, Verbum Spei
Feb 10, 1990
Sacramental Minister, St.John's (Boise)
Fr. Hugh B. Feiss, OSB
May 11, 1966
Monastery of the Ascension, (Jerome)
Fr. Michael Flick, FSSP
May 31, 2014
St. Joan of Arc, Coeur d’Alene
Fr. Kenneth Hein, OSB
August 16, 1969
Prior, Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome


Fr. Ewald Johannes, Verbum Spei
June 2, 2007
Sacramental Minister, St. John's (Boise)
Fr. Tom Lankenau, SJ
June 20, 2004
BSU Catholic Student Center, Boise
Fr. Dennis M. Gordon, FSSP
May 30, 2008
St. Joan of Arc, Coeur d’Alene
Fr. Michael T. Irwin, FSSP
Fr. Michael T. Irwin, FSSP
May 30, 1964
Retired / Jubilado 
Fr. Boniface Lautz, OSB
May 26, 1960
Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome
Fr. Ezekiel Lotz, OSB
June 10, 2000
Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome
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Fr. Sipho Mathabela, OSB
Sept. 8, 2001
St. Theresa's, Orofino; and Our Lady of the Woodland, Pierce
Fr. Jerome Montez, OSB
June 6, 1997
St. Rita's, Kellogg; St. Alphonsus, Wallace; St. Michael's, Mullan; St. Mary Immaculate, Saint Maries; and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Harrison
Fr. Meinrad Schallberger, OSB
May 7, 1964
Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome
Fr. Evarist T. Shiyo, ALCP
July 12, 1997 
Chaplain, Prison Ministry
    Fr. Costance Swai, ALCP    
                 July 10, 2014                         Parochial Vicar, St. George's, Post Falls
Fr. Greg Vance, SJ
June 20, 1998
Bishop Kelly High School, Diocese Personnel Center (Boise)







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