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A study of the Christian understanding of the person of Jesus and the impact it has on one’s practices.


Introduction to Fundamental Theology

An overview of who God is and an understanding of the Trinity, Salvation and theological reflection.


Introduction to Scripture

An exploration of the Catholic understanding of Scripture and the meanings of inspiration and revelation.


Sacraments and Rituals

A study of the basic principles of celebrating liturgy in the Catholic Church as well as an exploration of the meaning of the sacraments, the role they have in the Church, and the principles of liturgical celebration of the sacraments.


Morality I

A study of the Catholic Church fundamental concepts of morality and the consideration of conscience, sin, moral values, Church authority, and moral decision making in contemporary moral issues.


Dayton Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation

Here are the courses for the 2020 cycles at Dayton Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation. The following are courses that are applicable to the Diocese of Boise Certification courses: Catholic Beliefs, Christology, Introduction to Liturgy, Introduction to Scripture, Introduction to Christian Morality. Please contact the office of Religious Education and Catechetical leadership to determine courses that are applicable to the Advanced Certification Program. 

We are no longer a partner diocese with Dayton so the charge for these courses will now be $105 per five-week cycle.  To register and for more information about this collaborative learning initiative please visit vlcff.udayton.edu . Once you have successfully completed a course through Dayton, please contact the Office of Religious Education and Catechetical Leadership for an honorarium of $55.00- the difference between partnership course cost and a non-partnered Diocese.