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Changes to Safe Environment Training

  • First time Training requirement for Employees and Volunteers: anyone in contact with children must attend an “Face-to-Face Safe Environment Training”. Please contact your local parish or school for training schedule.

  • Second Year Training requirement for Employees and Volunteers: attend Online Renewal Training with CMG Connect. The “Safe Environment Renewal Training” curriculum is a 60 minute video divided into three segments with questions at the end of each segment.

  • Third Year Training requirement for Employees and Volunteers: Select a training curriculum you have not previously view, for example Anti-Bulling, Driving Curriculum, Technology Training for Parents, etc. These training sessions are 15 - 20 minutes with questions at the end of the segment.


For information on Safe Environment Training, contact Veronica Childers at (208)350-7556 or

The Diocese has 66 trainers spread throughout all parts of the Gem State  providing instruction to employees and volunteers.  Many of those same trainers instruct children and youth along with others who instruct only children and youth in the area of safe environment.


To access CMGConnect click Here

1. In the middle of the screen you will see “Find Your Diocese” from the pull down menu look for BOISE….then hit GO

2. Now you will be able to create an account for yourself (if you have an existing account…you could Sign In to access your account. You will see this option at the upper right corner of your monitor)


3. Once you create an account or Sign In into your account, you will select a training module.


4. Please select Safe Environment Face to Face Training for those who are pre-registering for an In Person Safe Environment Training Workshop. This will prompt you to view and acknowledge the Diocesan Policies, after which you can register for the training workshop in your area.


5. For those who have already attended an In Person SEW Training and are renewing their training certification. Please select A. Safe Environment RENEWAL Training/Sexual Misconduct Policy Acknowledgement - Diocese of Boise Once you begin this training program, continue until you are given a 100% completion. You will not be awarded a certificate until you have successfully completed the training curriculum.


6. After you have completed your online training please notify the Office of Child Youth & Adult Protection. All previous trainings such as an In Person Safe Environment Training as well as Background Check history will be merged into your CMGConnect account. Moving forward, all your information will be available online.


7. By providing a valid email address the system will automatically notify you when it is time to renew your background check and/or your training certification. You may select a different training module. Remember that you only have to attend ONE training module per year to renew training certification.


Find Your Diocese

Select "Boise" from the drop down list and click "Go to Diocese"


Renew Certification

A yearly renewal of your certification can be completed by clicking "Renew Training"


Register or Sign in

"Create" an account or "Sign in" to an existing account


Notify CYAP

  Notify the Office of Child Youth & Adult Protection after completing online training


First Year Training

Select "Face-to Face Training" to pre-register for an in-person safe environment workshop

Typing on Laptop

CMG Email Alerts

CMG Connect automatically notify you when it is time to renew

Diocesan Pastoral Center

FAX: (208) 342-0224

1501 S. FEDERAL WAY, SUITE 400, BOISE, ID 83705

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