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Director of Religious Education


Twin Falls ID


St. Edward the Confessor


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Director of Religious Education has the following duties and responsibilities:

• Oversees the education and spiritual development of the parish community by providing a program for the faith development of the child population.
• Works with the support of parish staff to develop new educational programs where appropriate.
• Recruits participants for religious education programs where appropriate.
• Supervises the recruitment and work of volunteer catechists, involved in education ministry, and provides for continuing formation for such ministers.
• Evaluates and provides guidance to catechists in religious education programs.
• Develops effective methods of encouraging enthusiasm, interest, participation, and learning suitable to the particular age of the students involved.
• Develops resources and is familiar with tools useful in education ministry including audio visual and computer based resources.
• Develops and evaluates curriculum content including tests, supplemental materials, resources and available materials to meet the needs of the religious education program, consistent with the Diocesan guidelines.
• Works with parish schools and personnel in an advisory capacity, where appropriate, to assist in the delivery of Catholic school religious education.
• Serves as lead-teacher and works with catechists for sacramental preparation and other educational programs of the parish, including preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation, and coordinates parent meetings and educational opportunities for such sacramental preparation.
• Attends parish council meetings where appropriate.
• Develops communication programs and methods for informing parents about religious education programs.
• Maintains student registrations and permanent records for religious education programs.
• Keeps the parish faith community informed of the religious education or faith formation ministry.
• Works with other parish ministers to prepare one, monthly liturgy for religious education programs.
• Assures that the budget for education ministry is prepared and submitted to the Pastor in a timely fashion.
• Attends outside retreats, workshops and diocesan programs to obtain information and resources to further the goals of the religious education program where appropriate.
• Performs religious education duties as assigned by Pastor.

Required Education and Experience:

• Training in current Catholic Theology, Christology and Ecclesiology.

• Normally, a minimum of four years of experience in parish based ministry is required. Experience must include leadership roles. Experience in formation and religious education programs at all levels preferred.

How to Apply


Complete the Diocesan Application and add a Resume

Diocesan Pastoral Center

FAX: (208) 342-0224

1501 S. FEDERAL WAY, SUITE 400, BOISE, ID 83705

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