Director of Youth and Young Adult Evangelization




Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise


Education and Experience:
• B.A. degree in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Religious Education, or related field. M.A. degree preferred.
• Minimum of five years’ experience at the diocesan or parish level, preferably in young adult and/or youth ministry.
• Experience at the diocesan and/or parish level in developing and implementing young adult and/or youth ministry programs.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Working knowledge of the systems, structures, and teachings of the Catholic Church.
• Knowledge of contemporary research, trends, resources, methodology, programming, and best practices in youth and young adult ministry for various cultural groups (i.e. Anglo, Hispanic, etc.).
• Knowledge of faith formation program development/review/revision as well as instructional and spiritual development strategies for youth and young adults.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills including effective communication with pastoral leaders, as well as effective group presentation skills.
• Ability to analyze situations and solve problems.
• Advanced knowledge of sacramental policies, curricula, program models, resources, and best practices related to youth and young adult ministry (i.e. Confirmation, RCIA, matrimony).
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and critical-listening skills.
• Proficiency in operating various computer programs such as Word Processing, spreadsheets, database, e-mail systems, and PowerPoint.
• Ability to make decisions, meet deadlines, and handle multiple projects/priorities effectively and efficiently.
• Ability to set, execute, and evaluate goals, objectives and outcomes.
• Ability to work collaboratively with clergy, parish and school personnel, and other diocesan staff.
• Knowledge of and sensitivity to a multicultural environment. Spanish language skills desirable.
• Ability and willingness to travel and work evenings and weekends as needed and/or requested.

Personal Characteristics
• Must be a practicing Roman Catholic with a strong faith commitment.
• Faithful to the teachings and laws of the Catholic Church.
• Commitment to ongoing personal and professional growth.
• Respect and sensitivity to all cultural and ecumenical groups.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Promote authentic, effective, and life-long catechesis throughout the diocese.
• Work collaboratively with clergy, and parish catechetical leaders on the development and implementation of policies, sacramental guidelines, programs, and best practices regarding catechetical ministry to youth and young adults.
• Collaborate other diocesan offices in the planning, organizing, and implementation of the Diocesan Catholic Educator’s Conference.
• Develop annual goals, outcomes, and measures of success for areas of responsibility.
• Advise diocesan leadership on the status of youth and young adult ministry throughout the diocese as needed and/or requested.
• Review and/or revise catechetical curricula, policies and guidelines related to youth and young adult ministry.
• Prepare financial reports as requested by director or the Diocesan Finance office.
• Responsible for proper transfer of receipts and billings to Diocesan Finance office.
• Maintain records of registration for office events. Track payments for events and retreats. Assure that set-up and clean-up for events are handled properly.
• Negotiate contract terms with event vendors, speakers, etc.
• In coordination with the Safe Environment Coordinator, ensure that personnel policies and procedures (including Sexual Misconduct policies and procedures) are followed within all parish youth and young adult ministry programs and at all events (diocesan/parish) involving youth.
• Maintain current database of youth and young adult ministers and other personnel engaged in youth and young adult catechesis throughout the diocese.
• Organize all details and needs for in-office and external meetings.
• Create and maintain an Office Youth and Young Adult Evangelization webpage on the diocesan website.
• Assure that all stipends and reimbursements are submitted in a timely manner.
• Designs and sends out messages through Flocknote.

• Assist parishes in developing and implementing quality programs/services designed to meet the needs of youth and young adults.
• Visit parishes to encourage, ascertain needs and concerns, and provide a diocesan presence of support and guidance.
• Regularly communicate with parish leaders formation opportunities, workshops, and other pertinent information related to youth and young adult ministry.
• Work with the Office of Multicultural Ministries on appropriate approaches, resources, and best practices regarding youth and young adult ministry to Latino and other cultural groups.
• Communicate and promote diocesan guidelines regarding Confirmation.
• Work with parishes to develop and implement effective and engaging Confirmation programs.
• Collaborate with the Office of Family and Marriage on programs, strategies, best practices to prepare young adults for the sacrament of matrimony.
• Planning, implementation, and evaluation of the annual Idaho Catholic Youth Conference.
• Provide support, guidance, and resources to parishes conducting youth camps, retreats, etc.

• Ensure that new parish youth and young adult ministers receive orientation, training, support and ongoing mentoring.
• Continually support, encourage, and empower those parish staff and volunteers working with youth and young adults through parish, deanery, and regional gatherings and other forms of networking.
• Provide 2-3 annual opportunities for networking, training, and ongoing formation.
• Help youth and young adult catechetical personnel gain skills/competencies related to their ministry via workshops, live meeting trainings, web presentations, etc.
• Collaborate with the Office of Cultural Ministries as needed to ensure leadership training and formation is provided to Hispanic Youth/Young Adult Ministers.
• Develop and oversee the administration and content of certification programs geared to those involved in youth and young adult ministry.
• Maintain contact and communication with regional and national youth ministry organizations, including representing the diocese at national and regional gatherings sponsored by USCCB, NFCYM and other organizations.
• Coordinate youth ministry certification, providing information, assessment, communication with appropriate academic institutions, encouragement and review of formation received for youth and young adult ministry professionals and volunteers in schools and parishes.

• Continually research best practices/resources related to youth and young adult formation.
• Be a resource to parishes concerning programs of catechesis, sacramental catechesis, ongoing faith formation, catechetical resources, and life issues concerning youth and young adults.
• Gather information/data as needed and/or requested by the Bishop.
• Prepare reports (written and oral) based on accumulated data as needed and/or requested by the Bishop.
• Be available as a resource to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools in areas related to youth ministry (i.e. catechesis, curricula, best practices, youth concerns/issues, etc.).

• Supervision of campus ministers and their staff at St. Paul’s (BSU) and St. John’s (ISU)
• Provide consultation, support, leadership formation, and resources for St. Augustine (University of Idaho)
• Create networking opportunities for all 3 campus ministries.
• Ensure the campus ministries are working toward the common diocesan vision for the campus ministry in the Diocese of Boise.
• Responsible for the evaluation of campus ministers and programing at St. Paul’s and St. John’s.

• Develop and manage an annual operational budget for young adult and youth ministry.
• Serve on applicable boards/committees as needed and/or requested.
• Collaborate with other diocesan offices as necessary on activities that further the mission of the diocese.
• Perform other duties as needed and/or requested by the Bishop.
• Supervise the Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Treasure Valley.
• Oversee activities and programing of the Treasure Valley Young Adult Ministry.

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