St. Paul's Catholic Church


Required Education and Experience:
 High school diploma.
 At least three years successful experience in secretarial or clerical positions, preferably in a bilingual environment.
 Familiarity with parish life or pastoral issues.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
 Knowledge of business correspondence procedures.
 Knowledge of appropriate clerical functions and procedures.
 Knowledge of filing systems and methods.
 Demonstrated skill in communicating.
 Demonstrated skill in typing and word processing.
 Demonstrated organizational skill.
 Excellent telephone communication skills; including the ability to handle, politely, multiple calls at one time.
 Capable of, politely, handle multiple phone calls and multiple visitors.
 Skill in operating various computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Microsoft Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Canva and Flocknote.
 Ability to work with computerized database systems.
 Ability to accurately and quickly type various documents including correspondence, minutes, agendas, mailing labels, and related documents.
 Ability to establish and rearrange priorities for timely completion of assignments within the broader goals of the parish office.
 Ability to work well with co-workers, supervisors, and the general public.
 Ability to collaborate with multiple people within and outside the parish office.
 Bilingual Spanish/English ability preferred, sensitive to a multicultural environment.

Personal Characteristics:
 Good interpersonal skills.
 Understanding of the Catholic Church and its teachings.
 Demonstrated ease in dealing with people, problems and crises; excellent interpersonal skills.
 Demonstrated emotional stability and self-confidence.
 Demonstrated Confidentiality skills.
 Recognized as organized, hard-working, responsible and careful.
 Experiences with people must demonstrate cooperation, compassion and caring.
 Demonstrated compassion for the poor and forgotten members of the community.
 Recognized as imaginative, open, curious, creative and intelligent.
 Aware of and sensitive to a multi-cultural environment.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Mari deLeon (

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