Teachers positions available for 2022-2023 year. Also, full time aides are being sought too.


Moscow, Idaho


St. Mary's Parish School


Teacher’s Job Description for St. Mary’s Parish School Moscow, Idaho

There are four key areas to be followed as a teacher at St. Mary’s. These are:

1. S/he contributes to the ongoing building of the community of faith.
 Able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the goals, the scope and sequence, and content of the school’s religious
education program and able to organize teaching activities accordingly.
 Provides opportunities for students to participate in liturgical celebrations and prayer within the classroom.
 Able to guide students to relate the Gospel Message to their personal lives.

2. S/he understands and is able to plan effectively for the implementation of the curriculum for each child.
 Able to demonstrate knowledge of the required curriculum and subject matter.
 Able to assess, plan for and organize for individual students’ needs.
 Able to manage the classroom and organize students to foster productive learning.

3. S/he is able to utilize the techniques of teaching communication skills and classroom management.
 Able to select and adapt teaching techniques, materials, and strategies to meet students’ needs.
 Able to communicate effectively with students and parents.
 Able to evaluate student progress effectively.
 Able to interpret the St. Mary’s Parish School program and its philosophy/mission/vision in a positive manner to students,
parents, and the community.
 Able to manage student behavior in a constructive manner.

4. Professional Responsibilities and Relationships.
 Works cooperatively with administration.
 Works as a team member with educational staff.
 Demonstrates a sense of professional responsibility.
 Exhibits the physical and psychological ability to teach effectively.
 Exhibits a sense of self-respect in dress, bearing, and manner.
 Interacts with colleagues to further professional growth.
 Takes advantage of opportunities to further professional growth.

IGNITING faith, knowledge, creativity, and service

Updated March 2022

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