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Youth MInister


Cottonwood, ID 83522


Tri-Parishes: St. Mary's, St. Anthony, Assumption


Parish: Tri-Parishes of St. Mary’s, Cottonwood; St. Anthony, Greencreek; Assumption, Ferdinand; Holy Cross Chapel, Keuterville, Idaho
Position Title: Youth Minister
FLSA Designation: Non-Exempt
Reports to: Pastor
Time: Full time is preferred, with part time being possible
Effective Date: July 1, 2023 or before to get familiar with the current program

Under the direction of the Pastor, the youth minister is responsible for managing the youth ministry program for the parish. While working in conjuncture with the DRE of the Tri-Parishes. This position performs as a lay ecclesial minister in support of the Diocese and the parish’s spiritual and pastoral mission; perform as a spiritual and administrative leader of the parish. The youth minister oversees youth ministry and directs its mission and vision according to parish goals and provides leadership and input to the Pastor in developing strategies for spiritual growth for parish youth. With approval and guidance of the pastor, this position educates the parish community and its youth of the intentions and direction of youth ministry.

· Ability to connect with the Youth and to connect with Youths.
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal effectiveness at all levels in the organization and across cultures in order to educate the parish community and its youth of the intentions and direction of youth ministry; share experiences, hopes, and concerns of youth.
· Ability to encourage and nurture youth and their families in Catholic understanding and tradition of Christian living through ministry, and help parents nurture the faith of their children.
· Provide a high-energy, spirit filled environment for youth; be flexible with commitment and energy devoted to youth.
· Explore ways to keep youth and their families involved in their faith and church life through retreats, service projects and youth social gatherings.
· Work cooperatively with other churches in the diocese and their youth leaders to develop inter-church youth ministry events.
· Ability to organize fundraisers to build accountability and community between youth.
· Foster good communications keeping all well-informed through various means including relevant media; also communicate through the internet, mailings, personal calls, Texting, school visits, bulletins, and pulpit announcements.
· Instill church values by meeting regularly with Junior and Senior High school groups.
· Manage all youth ministry related activities within approved parish budget; render financial and other reports as requested by the pastor.
· Ensure strict adherence to the requirements of the Diocese of Boise Safe Environment program; ensure all adult advisors and assistants are properly screened and are cleared for ministry by the Diocese of Boise.
· Ability to prioritize and efficiently execute a high volume and broad scope of tasks within tight deadlines, competing demands and changes in the work environment.
· Ability to collaborate with others.

Activities include:
Being in charge and organizing Confirmation for High School Students.
Organizing and overseeing fundraising events.
Organizing a verity of events to engage the youth and to allow them to put into practice their faith.
Organizing and teaching some classes on our faith.
Youth retreats: Examples include, but are not limited to:
For Conformation
Diocesan Leadership Camp in the summer
Diocesan sponsored Jr. High retreat.
Steubenville Northwest weekend.

If a full-time employee, then teaching in the PFFP program for Jr. and Sr. High. This will enable the building of relationships with the young adults.

Other activities:
As time and other activities permit to attend Deanery meetings.
To attend the occasional Diocesan events for Youth Ministers
To attend regular Parish staff meetings.

How to Apply


Contact St. Mary's Parish: 208-962-3214: PO Box 425, Cottonwood, ID 83522:

Diocesan Pastoral Center

FAX: (208) 342-0224

1501 S. FEDERAL WAY, SUITE 400, BOISE, ID 83705

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