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Catholic radio program delivers Christ’s message through the airwaves

Keith Pettyjohn, Board President of Salt & Light Radio, is a nominee for the 2024-2025 Catholic Extension Society Lumen Christi Award.

The award is given annually to a woman religious, priest, or layperson who has shown how faith can change lives and communities. The recipients have dedicated their lives to serving the poor in the most under-resourced dioceses in the United States and nurturing Catholic communities that foster faith, inspire hope, and bring about change.

Pettyjohn said it is an honor to be nominated for an award that supports evangelizing and teaching the Catholic faith to our Idaho communities. He added, “We have been so blessed by the team of people and all the supporters we call the Salt & Light Radio family. This [award nomination] is an honor for all those who have sacrificed so much to allow Salt & Light / Sal y Luz Radio to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our beautiful Diocese. Thank you!”

The upcoming August 9 print edition of the Idaho Catholic Register will have more about Salt & Light Radio’s history, future plans, and the Lumen Christi Award. For a complete list of Lumen Christi nominees and to learn more about the annual award, visit:

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