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RCIA - An ongoing journey!

We are pleased to welcome Michael Ruzicki to the Diocese of Boise.

  • Started Apr 13

Event Description

Ongoing Journey While baptism at the Easter Vigil is a high point of the initiation journey, we must look past this special celebration. We, the entire Baptized faithful, are called to accompany the neophytes in a way of mystagogical living and postbaptismal catechesis. In this series of workshops, we will gather to explore the connection between the catechumens’ formation and the ministry envisioned to take place in a prolonged period of mystagogy. We are pleased to welcome Michael Ruzicki to the Diocese of Boise to lead us in this series of workshops. Michael serves as the Training and Events Manager for Liturgy Training Publications and the Director of Music Ministry for St. John Berchmans Parish in Chicago. Before arriving at LTP, Michael served as a team member of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate and as a parish Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and at the Archdiocese of Baltimore as Coordinator of Adult and Sacramental Formation and the Director of the Archdiocesan Music Ministry. Michael is a graduate of The Catholic University of America (religion, art and theatre) and the Washington Theological Union (theological and pastoral studies) in Washington, DC and is the author of “Guide for Training Initiation Ministers: An Introduction to the RCIA” (LTP, 2018) and “A Light for My Path: Praying the Psalms on the Way of the Cross” (LTP, 2015). February 1 SESSION 1: Starting with the end Ultimately, what is our goal in RCIA ministry? How do we measure success in our parish community? This session will invite participants to start by looking at the end: living mystagogical lives that meditate on the Gospel, share in the Eucharist, and perform acts of charity. March 1 SESSION 2: Planning for life-long faith The Period of Postbaptismal Catechesis or Mystagogy will be successful when the vision and power of the baptismal catechumenate shines forth. By deliberately employing this ancient process, we will experience a transformation in our communities. April 12 SESSION 3: Animating the faithful The RCIA is clear about the roles and responsibilities of the People of God, the baptized. As we all grow to deepen our understanding of the Paschal Mystery, this final session will provide practical ways to use the mystagogical method throughout the entirety of parish life and consider the ways it affects preaching, teaching, music, and other formation opportunities.




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