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High School Counselor

Bishop Kelly High School
7009 W Franklin Rd, Boise, ID 83709, USA

The High School Counselor provides direct and indirect services to assist students and parents in making appropriate decisions relative to student academic planning, student social/emotional consultation and referral, and decisions relevant to post high school planning.



School Counselors at Bishop Kelly High School design and deliver school counseling programs that improve student outcomes for all students by helping them apply academic achievement strategies, by helping students manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills, and plan for postsecondary options (higher education, military, work force).



School counselors are certified/licensed educators with the minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling and are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students through a school counseling program addressing the academic, career and social/ emotional development of all students.



School counselors deliver developmentally appropriate activities and services directly to students or indirectly for students as a result of the school counselor’s interaction with others. These activities and services help students develop the mindsets & behaviors for student success and improve their achievement, attendance and discipline.



  1. Provides for all students the opportunity of either individual or group counseling services regarding student academic, social, and college/career development.
  2. Provides teachers and parents the opportunity for consultations regarding student academic and/or social behavior.
  3. Provides for assigned students post-secondary planning.
  4. Provides services of academic advising, and assistance with course selection for students.
  5. Assists students in defining and developing appropriate short-range goals for each school year and long-range educational goals.
  6. Provides information to students and parents on college selection and college entrance requirements and procedures.
  7. Provides input to administrators, teachers, counselors and other staff members for the improvement of the educational program.
  8. Advocates high academic achievement and social development of all students.
  9. Attends and participates in academic, counseling and other required meetings and/or conferences.
  10. Reinforces student behavior appropriate to the school environment by utilizing school counseling techniques.
  11. Keeps and maintains school records and provides written references to appropriate agencies.
  12. Assists with the development and implementation of the master schedule.
  13. Provides consultation, training, and staff development to teachers and parents regarding students’ academic and/or social behavior.
  14. Continuously promotes healthy relationship strategies among students, teachers, parents, administration, and community.
  15. Maintains regular and prompt attendance in the workplace.
  16. Performs other reasonable duties as assigned or required in fulfillment of goals and objectives established by the Bishop Kelly Leadership Team.


  1. Must hold, or be capable of acquiring, a Pupil Personnel Services certificate issued by the Idaho Department of Education.
  2. Ideal candidate will have 5 or more years experience working in the capacity as a High School Counselor.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  4. Knowledge and ability to provide effective instructional strategies and leadership.
  5. Knowledge of the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of high school-age students.
  6. Ability to maintain cooperative working relationships.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills.
  8. Maintain confidentiality of information discussed, processed or prepared.
  9. Must have demonstrated the ability to work well with others, as well as have shown evidence of sound management and organizational skills.
  10. Must possess above-average skills in the use of oral and written language and have an established reputation for accepting and implementing directives.
  11. Because of the nature of the responsibilities of this office, it is essential that the Counselor be adept at conflict resolution, be experienced in working with adolescents, and possess a temperament not readily given to reaction.
  12. Familiarity with school information systems and scheduling software.



Length of Employment: Standard Teaching Contract length of 185-190 days plus 20 days (10 days before start of the school year and 10 days after the end of the school year).


Daily Schedule: The workday of the BK Faculty begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays of each school day. Attendance at on-site school activities and selected off-site activities is considered a responsibility of this position.


Salary: Salary is compensated using a salary schedule based on Education/Experience


Benefits: As a full-time employee of Bishop Kelly High School, employees will be provided a benefits package that includes retirement, insurance, and tuition benefits.


How to Apply

Please submit an application, cover letter, and resume to the Bishop Kelly Director of Human Resources, Amy Eisele, at

Submission Link

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Diocesan Pastoral Center

FAX: (208) 342-0224

1501 S. FEDERAL WAY, SUITE 400, BOISE, ID 83705

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