“Peace is both God’s gift and a human achievement. As a gift of God, it is entrusted to all men and women, who are called to attain it.”                                                                           - Pope Francis


Youth and Young Adult Evangelization

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Office of

Youth & Young Adult Evangelization


The Office of Youth and Young Adult Evangelization supports the mission of the Diocese of Boise by assisting the Bishop and working collaboratively with clergy, catechetical personnel, and other diocesan staff to develop, strengthen, and promote authentic and effective faith formation experiences for our youth and young adults.

Our mission with the grace of the Holy Spirit and the Blessing of our Bishop, we strive to be servants of those who selflessly serve the young church in the Diocese of Boise.
Our vision in a spirit of collaboration and partnership, we aim to accomplish our mission by accompanying those who serve our young church by seeing to their intellectual and spiritual needs.

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All the upcoming events for Youth & Young Adults will be displayed at the link below

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Upcoming Events and Activities

Our office provides activities and events throughout the Diocese of Boise. The link below will give you a the details of the upcoming events. 

Students on a Break


Accompany Your Children

The Office of Youth & Young Adult Evangelization  offers youth resources for ages 11-15 years old for parents on this page...

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Join our community!

Our community is full of opportunities to meet new people, as we discover, renew, and grow in our faith...



Acompañen a sus hijos

La oficina de evangelización para jóvenes presenta esta página con recursos en español para padres de jóvenes de 11 a 15 años de edad.


Youth and Young Adult Office Resources


Resources for Youth Ministry

Renewing the Vision A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry. If you are interested in this material, contact our offices. Renovemos La Visión. Fundamentos para el Ministerio con Jóvenes Católicos. Si estas interesado en este material, ponte en contacto con nuestras oficinas.

Young Adult

Discerning a Vocation

Idaho Vocations

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Fire Pit Ministry Alpha

Catholic Center

Sleep deprived, and overwhelmed with stress in college? Fear not, Newman Student Centers are near! Bronco Catholic at Boise State, Bengal Catholics at Idaho State and Vandal Catholic at U of I are the places to go to nurture your faith and make life long friends.

Young Adult Conferences

Young adults throughout the state gather to meet at Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) in Boise in the fall for the Diocese of Boise’s Annual Young Adult Catholic Conference. All are welcome to attend this Holy Spirit filled weekend with opportunities to meet and listen to National Catholic Speakers, worship, attend workshops, Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration. Fellowship is a priority at this conference with a Friday night social and plenty of coffee!


Sacrament of Confirmation

What is the Sacrament of Confirmation? The Sacrament of Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of Christian initiation. The same word, Confirmation which means to affirm or consolidate, tells us a lot. In this sacrament the work of Baptism is strengthened and completed. By this sacrament, the baptized is strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit. What do we achieve with this Sacrament? A deeper attachment to the divine filiation is achieved, he unites himself more intimately with the Church, strengthening himself to be a witness of Jesus Christ, of word and deed. Through him he is able to defend his faith and transmit it. From Confirmation we become mature Christians and we can lead a more perfect, more active Christian life. It is the sacrament of Christian maturity and that makes us capable of being witnesses of Christ. On the day of Pentecost - when the Church was founded - the apostles and disciples were gathered together with the Virgin. They were fearful, they did not understand what had happened - believing that everything had been in vain - they were sad. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit descended on them - they were transformed - and from that moment they understood everything that had happened, they stopped being afraid, they began to preach and baptize. Confirmation is "our personal Pentecost.” The Holy Spirit is continuously acting on the Church in very different ways. Confirmation - as the Holy Spirit descends on us - is one of the ways in which He is made present to God's people.


The celebration of fifteen years (Quinceañeras). The celebration of the fifteen years it’s a special birthday and very significant for Hispanic teenagers and their families. This particular party, it’s not only for the Mexican people, also it’s celebrate in different countries of South America and in the present many Hispanic young girls and his family who lives in the United States celebrate too. Some of the origins of this celebration. The history about this celebration, has his origin in the Toltecs and Mayan pre-columbian Mexican cultures, “both cultures had the tradition of not considering a teen like adult man until he was fifteen years old, and the same way, not considering a teen like adult woman until she was fifteen, as soon as she developed physically to become women, she were presented to the tribe as a vital force since she could become mothers.” “The Nahuas of the Mexican northwest taught men’s a sense of values and work, but they took special care to preserve the modesty of their maidens and their filial respect. In the tribes Pimas and Yumas of ancient Sonora (today Arizona, US) the maidens walked with the body covered and the tribe of Cócopas from Baja California, the maiden used a beautiful seashell as a sing of her virginity. She never took it off until the day of her marriage in this moment she gave it to her husband. The maid who did not arrive pure at marriage was repudiated with ignominy.” Broucher published by the society “the true Catholicism” EVC No.643 The Aztecs also had this tradition, when the girls arrived at maturity they performed a special ceremony with dances and a banquet and the mother of the family had a special moment with the teenage daughter to give her advice on good behavior. After the conquest, the missionaries who came to evangelize Mexico were witnesses of the respect with which the maidens were treated among the ancient peoples. Respect for women and the desire to recognize their new role in society maintained this tradition, and became the protocol to ask that the quinceañera is no longer treated as a child but as a teenager who becomes a woman. Now, presenting the quinceañera to society does not mean that she is fit to marry; rather, it is interpreted as the exit from a childhood stage and the beginning of her preparation towards adulthood. Also, this ritual of the Aztec people was modified by the Catholic evangelizers. The Eucharistic celebration was added as the most important ceremony to thank God for the gift of life and to receive his blessing on the new projects in the life of the quinceañera. It is believed that in the 19th century, under the influence of Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg and his wife Carlota, who at that time govern Mexico, other more glamorous elements were included in the celebration of quinceañeras such as the waltz and the very elegant dress with a crown or tiara. In Europe, it was customary among the upper classes to hold a gala ball to present the daughters ready for the life of society. Fifteen years celebration is NOT a sacrament. The celebration of fifteen years is NOT a sacrament, so it is not mandatory to hold a Eucharistic celebration. On some occasions, the young women have not received their First Communion, in this case; it is important to invite them to enroll in a preparation program, in order to receive Communion. When this is the case, a celebration of the Word can be held as thanksgiving so that the quinceañera receives a special blessing. The godparents are generally the ones who provide the quinceañera with some items that they carry for the celebration and that may vary but are generally: the Bible; a crucifix or medal of the Virgin Mary and symbolizes the fidelity that must always keep him united to God our Lord; the crown, which represents her purity of body and soul; and the bouquet of flowers, as a symbol of the offering made of its purity and consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. XV Celebration (Quinceañeras)


Acompañen a sus hijos

Padres de familia, acompañen a sus hijos en su caminar. "Ayudad a vuestros hijos a salir al encuentro de Jesús, para conocerlo mejor y para seguirlo, entre las tentaciones a las que están continuamente expuestos, sobre el camino que lleva a la auténtica felicidad". - San Juan Pablo II La oficina de evangelización para jóvenes presenta esta página con recursos en español para padres de jóvenes de 11 a 15 años de edad. Estos recursos le ayudaran a caminar de la mano con sus hijos en la compresión del sacramento de la Confirmación, la celebración de los XV años, así como algunos artículos y enlaces a sitios Web donde podrá encontrar información de utilidad para mejorar la comunicación con sus hijos. En en este sito encontrará también información referente a las distintas actividades, eventos que se estan realizado para los jóvenes.

Sacramento de la Confirmación

Sacramento de la Confirmación Recursos para Padres de Familia ¿Qué es el Sacramento de la Confirmación? El Sacramento de la Confirmación es uno de los tres sacramentos de iniciación cristiana. La misma palabra, Confirmación que significa afirmar o consolidar, nos dice mucho. En este sacramento se fortalece y se completa la obra del Bautismo. Por este sacramento, el bautizado se fortalece con el don del Espíritu Santo. ¿Qué logramos con este Sacramento? Se logra un arraigo más profundo a la filiación divina, se une más íntimamente con la Iglesia, fortaleciéndose para ser testigo de Jesucristo, de palabra y obra. Por Él es capaz de defender su fe y de transmitirla. A partir de la Confirmación nos convertimos en cristianos maduros y podremos llevar una vida cristiana más perfecta, más activa. Es el sacramento de la madurez cristiana y que nos hace capaces de ser testigos de Cristo. El día de Pentecostés – cuando se funda la Iglesia – los apóstoles y discípulos se encontraban reunidos junto a la Virgen. Estaban temerosos, no entendían lo que había pasado – creyendo que todo había sido en balde - se encontraban tristes. De repente, descendió el Espíritu Santo sobre ellos –quedaron transformados - y a partir de ese momento entendieron todo lo que había sucedido, dejaron de tener miedo, se lanzaron a predicar y a bautizar. La Confirmación es “nuestro Pentecostés personal”. El Espíritu Santo está actuando continuamente sobre la Iglesia de modos muy diversos. La Confirmación – al descender el Espíritu Santo sobre nosotros - es una de las formas en que Él se hace presente al pueblo de Dios. Artículo: Padres de Familia “¡Ustedes lo prometieron!”

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