Office of Finance

The Finance Department for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise has as its mission to be a good steward of the temporal goods of the Catholic Faith Community in Idaho.

To achieve this mission the department endeavors to keep Diocesan Ministries and programs running smoothly by adequately budgeting for them, and monitoring the financial condition of the Diocese to insure that funds will be available to provide for the various ministries at the appropriate time.

Secondly, the finance office administers centralized programs that benefit parishes and schools across the Diocese in the area of cash operations, investments, real estate acquisition, insurance and payroll.

Diocesan Financial Statements
Fiscal year 2020-2021
Fiscal year 2019-2020
Fiscal year 2018-2019
Fiscal year 2018-2017
Fiscal year 2017-2016
Fiscal year 2015-2016
Fiscal year 2015-2014
Fiscal year 2014-2013
Fiscal year 2013-2012
Fiscal year 2012-2011
Fiscal year 2011-2010
Fiscal year 2010-2009

Finance Forms

General Finance Forms 

Payroll Forms 

Health Insurance Forms

RETA Summary of Benefits and Coverages EPO:            English    Spanish 

RETA Summary of Benefits and Coverages PPO:            English    Spanish

RETA Summary of Benefits and Coverages HSA:            English    Spanish

RETA Vision Benefits Summary:                                         English    Spanish 

RETA Dental Benefits Summary:                                        English    Spanish


Student Accident Insurance Claim Form

Life Insurance/Long-Term Disability Forms

United Heritage Employee Assistance Program (EAP)          English     Spanish

United Heritage Life/LTD Benefits                                            English     Spanish

United Heritage Group Insurance Beneficiary Form             English     Spanish

Worker's Comp