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The Human Resources team provides consultation and advice to the diocese, parishes and schools, with respect to employment policies and practices, employment contracts, development of employee programs, recruiting, hiring, retention, performance management, conflict resolution and equal employment and diversity issues. In addition, the HR team acts as a resource for compliance information and ensures that the diocese is in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws regarding employment issues.

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Human Resources Policies & Guidelines

“Personnel Policies for Parishes and Schools” in the Diocese of Boise were revised, April 17, 2017. The policies govern the relationship between the diocese and employees in our diocesan parishes and schools. They do not constitute contract status.

Under certain circumstances, the pastor or building principal may determine that a different policy would be more appropriate for that location. In those circumstances, a written request must be submitted to the Diocesan Director of Human Resources. If a different policy is adopted for a location, that policy must be in writing and receive the written approval of the Diocesan Director of Human resources.

In addition, locations may choose to implement additional policies on topics that are not covered in these policies. Any questions about appropriate policies governing personnel issues should be directed to the diocesan Director of Human Resources for his/her written approval.

The “Parish/School Human Resource Manual” revised, July 1, 2014  is provided to implement policy and support local parish and school efforts by providing useful information. This manual, while not “official policy,” supplements the official personnel policies of the Diocese, by providing parish/school leaders with practical advice, information, forms, checklists and other resources to assist parish/school leaders in managing the church’s most important resource—its people.

Personnel Policies for Parishes and Schools

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Reporting Suspected Fraud or Illegal Activities Conflict of Interest

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise is committed to financial transparency.  To further this commitment, the Diocese wishes to prevent and/or stop any suspected financial malfeasance, fraud, misappropriation of funds or other financial irregularities at the diocesan or parish level.  Those who believe they have witnessed such activities by Church representatives are encouraged to contact the Diocese of Boise.

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We continue to receive solicitations that we must purchase the most recent equal opportunity employment posters or risk being fined. All Idaho employers are required to display several labor law posters in the workplace. Download them in English and Spanish for free.

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