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Religious Education and Catechetical Leadership 

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The mission of the Office of Religious Education and Catechetical Leadership is to...

support, assist, and guide parishes and schools in an integrated approach to the religious formation of children, teens, adults, and lay leaders throughout the diocese through education, curricula, materials, training, and resources.

Upcoming Events
All the upcoming events for Religious Education and Catechetical Leadership will be displayed at the link below

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Certification and Courses


Quick Information 

for Certification

Below are links to the next steps for your certification. Click the topic that best describes your interest to view the content.

Certification Brochures

The following Catechist Brochures walk you through the steps of each level of certification. Basic Catechist Certification Brochure Solicitud De Certificación Básica Advanced Catechist Certification Brochure Solicitud de Certificación Avanzada

Master Certification

Please contact Jackie Hopper for additioanl information. Thank you. Contact Jackie Hopper (208) 350-7541 at jhopper@RDCB.org

The Office of Religious Education & Catechetical Leadership Contact Information

Jackie Hopper

Jackie Hopper

Director of RE & Catechetical Leadership