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Because a vocation is a serious commitment of one’s life to follow God’s call, proper effort and care are required to determine what God’s call is. This diligent consideration of what God is calling one to do is called vocational discernment.

Proper discernment requires a person to:

  • know and understand oneself – personality, strengths and weaknesses, inclinations, spirituality, mental ability, even physical health

  • know, understand, and love our Catholic Faith

  • understand the different vocations, what they entail, and what they mean for the lives of those who embrace them


Of course, this cannot happen instantaneously, so vocational discernment is not a quick and easy task. Once begun, it often takes months, and sometimes years to determine what route to begin. And once begun, it often takes years to determine the final answer to the question “what is my vocation?”

Thus, discernment requires study, prayer, and patience. And one cannot discern alone. The best way to discern is with help from the Church, ideally from a priest or someone trustworthy to help guide you. This spiritual director can help you to better understand yourself and where God is calling you.

Continue reading in this section of the website to learn more about vocations and discernment.

If you want help discerning where God may be leading you – from simple questions to more in-depth guidance – we can help! Contact us!


God works through both the ordinary and extraordinary in your life to lead you to the discovery of your vocation. Taking time to consider some simple questions can give good insight into where God is calling you.

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Prayers for Vocations

Dear Lord, we pray: For Bishop Peter, our priests, and our deacons. Strengthen them in their ministry.
Fill them with joy in your service. Bless them with deep faith and firm hope as they
love your people and seek the salvation of souls. For men and women in religious life. Strengthen them in their ministries,
their sacrifices, and their prayers. Make them joyful and devoted witnesses of your love. For the seminarians of our diocese. Assist them and guide them in their studies, prayer, and formation. For all people. Help us to respond generously to your call. Grant that we will do whatever you ask of us. Holy Mary, Mother of God ………………… Pray for us Holy Mary, Mother of the Church ………………… Pray for us Holy Mary, Mother of Vocations ………………… Pray for us Dear Lord, I pray: That holy marriages will reflect your love in the world. That loving parents and families will nurture vocations. That young people will have open minds and hearts to your call. That people who are single will be committed to joyful service. That priests, deacons, and religious will be devoted examples of loving ministry. That I will love you with all my heart, mind, and soul. Amen.

Daily Prayer Guide for Vocations

Prayers for Vocations PDF

Daily Vocation Prayers for Families with Children

Daily Vocation Prayers for Families with Children PDF

Stations of the Cross for Vocations

Stations of the Cross for Vocations PDF


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