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Teach the mind, educate the heart, form the character

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The following story appeared in the September 22 Idaho Catholic Register.

Students at SJB learn to greet adults with a handshake while making eye contact as they greet Principal Cummings on the first day of school. (Courtesy photo/Alea Wassmuth)

COTTONWOOD - St. John Bosco Academy welcomed 120 students back to school on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Nine new students joined the school this year, as well as three new teachers.

Mrs. Hannah Barga, who relocated to the area with her family last spring, is a new homeroom teacher. Mrs. Barga, attended Benedictine College in Kansas and has worked in youth ministry for several years. Miss Sabrina Lustig, who will teach 7th-12th grade History, was born and raised in Cottonwood and graduated from the University of Idaho last spring. Finally, Mrs. Theresa Schwartz who has been involved with SJB for many years, will be teaching 9th-12th grade Theology classes. Principal Brian Cummings says of our new teachers, - "All these women are robustly Catholic, love their faith, and are taking a step out in that faith to serve Christ and His Church by teaching at our school."

Forming the whole person is the goal of the school, which is accomplished through their three-fold learning expectations: Teach the Mind, Educate the Heart, and Form the Character. This year a special focus will be placed on external formation (part of Form the Character), with goals throughout the year for students to improve both at home and school.

External formation includes keeping your things tidy, organized, and put away properly. Additional elements of external formation include having a plan for your time (including prioritizing time for prayer) and exercising for a healthy body.

At school external formation includes keeping your desk and locker tidy, binders organized, wearing the proper uniform, listening to instructions from teachers, and moving through the school in an orderly manner. For the first month, students are challenged to make their bed every morning and pray an offering prayer to give their day to the Lord. Our internal formation (prayer life, virtuous behavFior, etc) will also improve as we make efforts with our external formation.

Communications and Development coordinator Alea Wassmuth said, “Our hope is that God continues to bless us and guide us as we move towards him in faith, hope, and charity.”

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